Personal Licence Training

In order to obtain a Personal Licence in England & Wales or Scotland you need to take an approved course:

  • APLH – Award for Personal Licence Holders (England & Wales)
  • SCPLH – Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders

These are one day courses with an exam at the end.  Once you have passed the exam and obtained the certificate you can then apply to the local authority for your Personal Licence.

Note: this process can take up to four weeks by the time you have found a course, passed the exam received your certificate and had the local authority process your licence. In England & Wales you also need to present a current DBS check (Disclosure & Barring Service), no more than 30 days old. These also take a couple of weeks but can take longer, for example if you have been resident outside the UK recently.  In Scotland your application will need to be approved by the police so the process can take up to a couple of months.

To apply for a DBS visit:

CPL Training is our preferred supplier for APLH and SCPLH courses. The cost is £120 (+ VAT) per person, which has been discounted for our Lessees. They will also process your application for you for an additional fee.

Click Here to see APLH 2019 course dates.

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