Innside Knowledge

Innside Knowledge is a one week residential workshop which is all about getting your leased pub business off to the best possible start.  The week is very interactive, it’s a workshop not a series of lectures, and it’s all about turning your ideas into plans and your plans into reality.  This is then backed up with an e-learning plan, bespoke to individual delegates, to cover compliance and other issues such as health & safety training, drugs awareness etc.

As part of the programme you get the first year’s subscription to the CPL online training console (value £250.00), in house cellar training plus access to the one day workshops SP&B run throughout the year covering subjects such as social media and cellar management & beer quality.  We also provide a memory stick with the documents you will need to set your new business up: staff contracts; risk assessments; gross profit and dish costing calculators, etc.

There is also a supplier day where you will get the opportunity to meet some of our nominated suppliers mentioned on this website such as Brakes; Sky; Star Pubs & Bars Online etc.

The course costs £1000 + VAT (if an additional person wishes to attend the cost is £500 + VAT) and is residential, Monday 11am until Friday 3.00pm.  The cost includes meals and accommodation.  Your BDM will nominate you for the Innside Knowledge workshop once the outline business plan has been agreed.


Some of the feedback we have had on this workshop:

“Thank you for a great week which will help me improve as a manager and employer”.

“This course has been fantastic. I really do believe that if I hadn’t have done this my pub would suffer. Now I will have a successful pub which makes money”.

“Fantastic course delivered in a fun and interactive way to help lessees at all levels fully realise the reality of running a pub”.