Investment Support Coach

For each refurbishment project we appoint a Investment Support Coach – an experienced trainer and operator who will work with you during the project. These are people who have all run hospitality businesses, and most are self-employed, so they understand what that’s all about!

They’re not there to tell you what to do – or to do it all for you. It’s your business, they’re there to support you in delivering your business plan with:

  • A review of the current offer and what marketing will be required for the new business.
  • Pre-opening training for the team.
  • Marketing and merchandising advice.
  • Agreeing post project objectives and an ongoing marketing plan.
  • A checklist of the myriad of things to think about when going through this process.
  • Honest, independent, feedback on your plans.

This is normally five days starting a few weeks before the project and ending with a review and handover a month or so after completion of the refurbishment.

There is no charge for this – it’s all part of the project.