Menu Development Planning Tool

In many leased pubs the importance, time and skill involved in developing a menu is often under estimated. The days of simply ‘doing food’ in a pub and growing sales are all but gone. Food offers in pubs must match customer needs, be modern and well-conceived.

This workbook and training guide has been created by a small group of chefs, Lessees and menu development executives; all industry experts that currently create and develop successful menus in managed, leased and free-trade pubs and restaurants across the UK.

It offers a scientific approach to menu development which, if done correctly, can help maximise the potential profitability of your food sales and make the maximum possible bottom line profit for your given circumstances.

The tool breaks down the menu development process into bite size chucks. As you complete it stage by stage you will unravel the most logical menu choices, pricing, supplier selection and food strategy for your business.

To access the tool go to the ‘Support’ section of Star Pubs & Bars online (beer ordering website) and print from there.