If you want to be able to pour the perfect pint every time but without the cellar costs and management then we have the perfect solution for you.  Heineken Smart Dispense is a cost effective, flexible dispense system that will deliver you quality cold draught cider and beer without any of the hassle.  The 4 key benefits of Heineken’s Smart Dispense are:

  • Quality – Cold delivery system. Cold beer 100% perfect pour, every time.
  • Energy Saving – 20% more energy efficient coolers and pythons.
  • Less Waste – No more line cleaning. 75% wastage reduction = lower costs.
  • Service Call – Heineken quality service, confidence guaranteed

“It has made a massive difference to my business, if I’m honest. It has cut down on waste no end and the consistency of the beer has improved considerably. It produces the most consistent and best beer I’ve ever come across in my drinking career!”
Matt Rix. Blacksmith & Toffeemakers, London


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