SIBA Beerflex Scheme

Star Pubs & Bars have partnered with The Society of Independent Brewers to offer licensees a wider choice of local cask ales.

Under SIBA’s Beerflex Scheme, Star licensees with Cask Marque accredited pubs are able to order local cask ales brewed by Beerflex participants within a 30-mile radius of their pubs.  With 550 brewers producing over 3000 beers, Beerflex complements Star’s existing Discover Cask programme of Cask Ales brewed by national and regional brewers.


Why is it only open to Cask Marque approved pubs?

Exceptional care and skill is required to sell a good pint of cask ale. Brewers are always keen that their beers are sold in peak condition and we believe it is important that licensees have the necessary expertise to do this before extending their range. Cask Marque membership is funded jointly by the lessee and a Cask Partner Brewer – your BDM can discuss this with you and submit your nomination.

We also find that cask ale sales increase at pubs where we invest in refurbishments and licensees make cask a feature.

Are there any other restrictions?

Under the Beerflex scheme licensees will be required to order products through SIBA’s online portal. At the same time as they do this, we are requesting that they also sign up to Star’s online ordering service. Nearly 60% of our licensees now order in this way and we are finding it brings significant administrative benefits to them and us. In addition, the Beerflex scheme requires Star to buy the beers from SIBA on behalf of licensees. In order to simplify the administration around this process, licensees will need to set up a direct debit account with Star if they don’t have one already.

94% of Star pubs already have the required Flow Monitoring system in place. For those who don’t, it is easy and quick to install.

Why do they need to have a Flow Monitoring System in place?

Licensees will be able to add a FOT local beer to their range and buy outside the contractual obligations on this line. We are therefore asking that they join the 94% of Star pubs that have already installed Flow Monitoring. In addition, this provides valuable management and sales information to licensees.

How will any discounts Star licensees receive be applied to the SIBA range?

Star will offer licensees the same level of discount they already receive on third party ales purchases on the SIBA range.

Is there any limit to the number of local cask ales that licensees can stock?

The scheme is designed to enable licensees to broaden the range of cask ales they stock by being able to offer their customers a very local beer. Participating licensees will have one line in their pub dedicated to any local SIBA Beerflex beer they choose and can change the beer they offer through it as frequently as they wish. In addition, they can dedicate as many hand pulls as they want to cask ales brewed by regional and national brewers from our Discover Cask range.

Who should I contact to progress or find out more?

Speak to your BDM.