Getting your range right is the key to successful ale sales.  Research shows that our FOUNDATION and FAVOURITE ranges have higher rates of sale, as drinkers like familiar brands at the bar, but it’s also important to offer variety as drinkers value a combination of permanent and SEASONAL ales (as well as a range of different colours and strengths).

Make the most of your handpulls…

We’ve a very large range to choose from, all helpfully ordered in the following categories:

  • Foundation Ales – instantly familiar brands that are available on the bar all year round.
  • Favourite Ales – Well-known brands that are available on the bar for a minimum 13 weeks.
  • Guest Ales – Seasonal and monthly brands that are available for approximately 4 weeks.

The Guest Ale options are ever evolving given the seasonal nature of the category but Click Here to view our FOUNDATION and FAVOURITE CASK ALES.

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