Food Supplier Discounts

On behalf of our Lessees we have run a procurement process inviting multiple food suppliers to tender their best possible pricing and service offers. We have selected one supplier as the Star Pubs ‘recommended’ supplier for the two food categories:

  • Grocery (ambient & frozen)
  • Fish and seafood

The benefits of these pre-negotiated discounts are many and give Star Lessees a transparent starting position for individual procurement processes.


  • National pricing available to small business operators – The level of discount that has been negotiated sits on the supplier’s national ‘pricing ladders’ (their price lists for companies with over 1000 pubs across the country). So the discounts are greater than an individual or small multiple could negotiate.
  • Transparent pricing – Whether you take advantage of the pre-negotiated prices with our recommended suppliers or not, you can have access to view the pre-negotiated pricing, this will give you a solid platform to start your procurement process and with whoever you chose, you’ll know whether or not you are getting reasonable market pricing.
  • Flexibility – You can take advantage of the deal as it is (based mainly around great pricing) or negotiate with a local rep to suit your individual needs.
  • Additional discounting – The discounts we have pre-negotiated are the minimum discounts that are available to all Star Pubs & Bars Lessees. If you have additional leverage you are of course free to negotiate further discounts with these same suppliers.
  • Confidentiality – In terms of data, whichever suppliers you select, you will be provided with a contract that you will sign. This is a normal contract between two business parties and is totally confidential between yourself and the supplier you have chosen.

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